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  • Industrial Robot Applications

    Industrial robot is a multi-joint mechanical arm or a multi-variant robot designed to automatically execute industrial tasks through its power and control ability. It can act on the command of man or run in accordance with pre-programmed procedure. Modern industrial robots can also act on the artificial intelligence technology-made principles.

  • RGV

    RGV, short for Rail Guided Vehicle, can be used in various warehouses with high density storage. With the rail to be designed at any length, RGV can improve the storage capacity of the whole warehouse. As there’s no need for the forklifts to drive into the laneway, it’s much safer and faster, effectively enhancing the warehouse operation efficiency.

  • CCD Automatic Detector

    Replacing manual visual detection, CCD image detection has been widely used in various visual detection fields like punching defection, cell phone keyboard detection, digital peripheral detection, remote silica gel detection, barcode printing material detection, and computer keyboard appearance detection. CCD automatic detector is to automatically identify, detect and categorize poor printing, keying error, deviation of fonts, and poor transmittance, color aberration, stain, dimension error, misjudgment, omission of laser etching.

  • Automatic Labeling Machine

    Automatic labeling machine can realize real-time control through information system and eliminate real-time printing and labeling or regular labeling. Applicable to labeling demands of different product specifications, it can operate under blow labeling and press labeling mode. Additionally, automatic labeling machine can inspect the labels after labeling to ensure that the labels are properly labeled.

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