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  • Pallet Storing Stereoscopic Warehouse

    Pallet Storing Stereoscopic Warehouse, also called pallet rack, is usually heavy duty rack, most frequently seen in Chinese warehousing rack systems. Firstly, container-unitized operation should be conducted to group pallets based on goods packing and weight, identify the type, specifications and dimensions of pallets and single pallet load and stack height (single pallet goods weight is usually within 2000kg). Then the span, depth and spacing of unit racks should be determined, and the rack height determined on the effective height of lower edge of roof truss and the maximum height of forklifts.

  • Box Stereoscopic Warehouse

    Box stereoscopic warehouse is a fully automatic warehousing system from incoming, outgoing to handling operations, saving painstaking manual operations in the warehouse and ensuring product quality in incoming and outgoing operations. Press the button and the system will start operations accurately and quickly.

  • Stacker

    As the key equipment of an automatic stereoscopic warehouse, a stacker can move the goods from one place to another through automatic operations. It’s composed of the frame (upper beam, lower beam and column), horizontal moving unit, lift unit, cargo platform, forklift and electric control system.

  • Foshan Project

    Upon completion, Foshan Project has realized information-based automatic and lean management of warehousing, guided and standardized daily operation of warehousing personnel, improved warehouse management and integrated warehousing resources. The project has further enhanced warehousing space utilization, reduced operators’ dependency on experience, standardized operation procedure with operation instructional information system, reduced the labor intensity of operators, and improved warehousing flexibility.

  • Nanning Project

    Nanjing Project is the Measurement Center Smart Electricity Meter Warehouse of Nanning Power Company subordinated to China Southern Power Grid. It’s an advanced automatic stereoscopic warehouse with stereoscopic racks, rail-mounted laneway stackers, incoming/outgoing conveyor system, communication system, automatic control system, computer monitoring system, computer management system and auxiliary equipment like wire and cable tray cabinets, pass boxes and trays.

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  • New Energy

    China’s new energy car bodies to be coated are mainly stored in two-dimensional warehouses and they have to be found and compared manually one by one before they are sent to the general assembly line, prone to errors. To solve this problem, the two-dimensional warehouse between the coating line and general assembly line can be rebuilt into a stereoscopic warehouse.

  • Pharmaceuticals Industry

    Pharmaceutical manufacturing stereoscopic warehouses are divided into raw material warehouses and finished product warehouses. Automatic stereoscopic warehouses have been adopted by almost all large pharmaceuticals enterprises like Northeast Pharm, North China Pharmaceutical, Yangtze River Pharmaceutical, TRT Pharma, YUNNAN BAIYAO, Aodong Medicine, Sanjiu Medical & Pharmaceutical, CSPC Pharma and Double-crane Pharmaceutical.

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